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Welcome to MSI Malaysia E-Store!
Get Free 8GB RAM with Purchase of GF63 Thin Series
Welcome to MSI Malaysia E-Store!
Get Free 8GB RAM with Purchase of GF63 Thin Series

MSI Optix G244F 23.8" IPS 170Hz Gaming Monitor

Current price RM579.00
Save RM20.00 3%off
Original price RM599.00
Original price RM599.00 - Original price RM599.00
Original price RM599.00
RM579.00 - RM579.00
Current price RM579.00
Save RM20.00 3%off

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  • 23.8" IPS
  • 1920x1080@170HZ FHD
  • 250NITS
  • 1MS(MPRT)
  • DP, HDMI
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MSI G244F Gaming Monitor is equipped with 1920x1080 (FHD), 170Hz refresh rate, 1ms response time and Rapid IPS panel, built-in AMD FreeSync technology, which can match the refresh rate of the monitor with the GPU, providing players with a smooth experience immersed in the screen.

The clearest moment AT ITS CLEAREST

The Rapid IPS display provides gamers with an ultra-fast GTG reaction time of 1ms, which will greatly reduce the occurrence of display blur. A sharp image will definitely give you a competitive edge to make precise decisions in competitive games.

170HZ refresh + 1MS response time

The gaming monitor is equipped with an IPS panel design. For games such as fast-moving first-person shooter games, simulation racing or real-time strategy...etc., the high refresh rate of 170Hz + 1ms response time can greatly lead you ahead of competitors.

True color

Compared with typical monitors, Optix gaming monitors have a larger color gamut coverage. Visually more realistic and refined, perfect immersion reaches its limit.

No tearing, no interruptions, play games

MSI gaming monitors, with AMD FreeSync™ technology, can get a smooth and perfect gaming experience at any frame rate. *Note: FreeSync technology requires a monitor and an AMD Radeon™ graphics card that also supports FreeSync. For complete details see

Please confirm this function with the sales channel before purchasing.

Night vision black balance function

Equipped with "night vision black balance function", it is convenient for players to adjust the brightness of the screen for the darker screen in the game.

Borderless design for best gaming experience

MSI gaming monitors, with ultra-narrow and thin bezel design, are the best choice for seamless multi-display configurations, allowing you to have the best immersive experience no matter you are working or gaming. .

Intimate protection with no splash screen technology

The screen adopts Anti-Flicker technology to reduce the flicker phenomenon that is imperceptible to the naked eye (the general screen flicker rate is about 200 times per second), providing players with a more comfortable visual experience when staring at the screen for a long time.

Intimate protection against blue light

Blue light is a part of visible light. Long-term exposure to blue light can easily cause eye damage, especially cataracts, and macular degeneration. With the advancement of technology and changes in living habits, blue light floods 3C screens or lighting equipment in daily life. MSI In addition to the non-flicker technology provided by the gaming screen, the exclusive development can effectively reduce the blue light energy emitted from the screen, reducing the burden and damage to the eyes.



MSI Optix G244F






1920 x 1080 (FHD)










3 Years ONSITE

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