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Welcome to MSI Malaysia E-Store!
Get Free 8GB RAM with Purchase of GF63 Thin Series
Welcome to MSI Malaysia E-Store!
Get Free 8GB RAM with Purchase of GF63 Thin Series

Return & Refund Policy

7-day Guarantee Period Description

  • According to the provisions of the Consumer Protection Law, consumers on this website are entitled to a seven-day hesitation period when the goods arrive (the hesitation period is not a trial period) . If the goods arrive for more than seven days (including holidays), they will not be able to handle them.
  • The returned goods must be brand new and fully packaged (keep the integrity of the goods, accessories, packaging, cartons , gifts and all accompanying documents or materials), otherwise unsubscribing will not be accepted. 
  • If you want to apply for a return, please contact us to proceed with the return process.


What should I do if I find that there is a problem with the product I purchased online after the seven-day appreciation period has passed?

Because the product has exceeded the seven-day appreciation period, only repair service is provided for this product. Sorry for any inconvenience caused.

If you still have any questions, please click to make an appointment for repair service.

Orders can be cancelled within two hours of placing an order

  • To avoid impulsive consumption, buy what you love and love what you buy. If you regret placing an order within two hours of placing an order, you can cancel the order yourself.
  • If you want to cancel the order, please contact us within two hours of placing the order.

Return Instruction

  • If the new product you received is defective, damaged, inconsistent with specifications or parts are missing, please contact us within seven days after receiving the product, and explain the reason for the return.

  • Due to the system setting, it is not possible to accept the return application before the product is received. Please make good use of the function of cancelling the order within two hours of placing the order.
  • Returns are not accepted unless the product is defective.
  • An unconditional return must meet one of the following conditions:
  1. The product actually received does not match the product ordered.
  2. The accessories in the product packaging are incomplete or the product specifications do not conform to the instructions on the outer packaging.
  3.  The product is defective or damaged during delivery.

  • Once the following products are unpacked or used, they will not be returned unless they are defective or damaged:

    1. Products with intellectual property rights: various books and software.
    2. Consumables.
    3. Products ordered on behalf of customers or otherwise declared cannot be returned.

  • Please keep the receipt when you delivered the faulty product (such as: home delivery receipt, post office registration receipt, etc.), so as to facilitate your future inquiries.

  • According to the Malaysia Consumer Protection Law, consumers shopping on this website are entitled to a seven-day hesitation period after the arrival of the goods (the hesitation period is not a trial period), so the return of the product must keep the product intact and complete with accessories. The main body of the product and its contents (such as various accessories, manuals, gifts, etc.) must not be damaged by shortage, damage, writing or marking, use or installation errors (such as scratches, falls, circuit burnt, extrusion deformation , broken interfaces or pins, entry of foreign objects, moisture, product barcodes or warranty labels are damaged, removed, altered and reposted or cannot be identified, etc.) and any visible man-made damage or man-made use marks.

  • Returns will not be accepted if the product has been delivered for more than seven days (including holidays).

  • For products that need to be installed, please confirm whether the product you purchased meets your needs (color, size, appearance, etc.) before installation, and you cannot return the product after the installation is completed; if the product is defective after installation, etc. The reason will be identified by the original factory, and if it is determined that it is caused by the original factory, we will arrange a replacement time with you.

  • Please pay the cost of non-standard installation to the on-site construction personnel after the construction is completed. As for other costs derived from on-site installation and construction, no separate invoices can be issued.

  • Based on the fact that there is no guarantee of 100% no bright and dark spots on the current LCD panel, taking Japanese manufacturers as an example, the allowable bright and dark spots are generally about 5 to 10 points, as long as the LCD panel you buy is within 5 Dots (inclusive) are all normal products, and the bright and dark dots cannot be used as the basis for return.

  • If due to remote location or other special circumstances (for example: natural disasters or poor road conditions), the logistics distribution vehicle cannot be delivered under normal conditions and needs to be handled in other ways, the resulting costs must be borne by The order pays by himself.

  • The content of the product and the image on the product web page may vary slightly due to reasons such as shooting and screen analysis. The actual situation will be based on shipment.

  • If the ordered product cannot be delivered by home delivery twice, and if the phone and Email cannot be contacted for more than three days, the company will cancel the order, and the original payment method will be fully refunded.

  • Since online orders require import and export procedures, if you want to participate in the gift exchange activity provided by the manufacturer, it is recommended that you order three to five working days before the event deadline to protect your rights as a member.

  • This website reserves the right to reject orders with proper reasons within two days, but if the member's shopping account is confirmed, this website will ship according to the contract.

  • If the return ratio of an individual member is too high, the website will have the right to refuse or suspend the member's online shopping rights, but the member's shopping rights at the company's physical outlets will not be affected.

Refund instructions

  • After completing the return application, we will send a courier to pick up the item within 2-3 working days, and the pick-up fee will be paid by the MSI brand flagship store for the first time .
  • After the product is returned and accepted without error, [refund operation] will be carried out, and an E-mail will be sent to notify you on the refund date.
  • If you want to cancel the unsubscribe after returning the product, please call our MSI customer service before receiving the returned product. However, after cancelling the return, you cannot return the product.
  • If there is a physical invoice, it should be returned together with the invoice and the documents required by relevant laws and regulations such as the discount sheet should be signed; otherwise, MSI brand flagship store may refuse to accept your request for return and refund.
  • If it is necessary to handle refund matters for you because of your request for a return or because MSI cannot accept all or part of your order, or the contract has been terminated or lost its validity for some reason, MSI may process the invoice on your behalf or Documents required by relevant laws and regulations, such as discount slips.

Refund Process

  • After the customer applies for the return of the product, he will go to the courier to pick up the product within 2-3 working days for inspection, and the following refund operation will be carried out after the product is accepted and accepted correctly:
  • The MSI brand flagship store will submit a refund to the bank to return the remittance ATM account/cancel the authorization application, and the bank will take about 3 to 5 working days to process.
  • Involving banking operations, if consumers want to confirm the refund progress with the card issuing bank, please confirm with the card issuing bank after 7 to 10 working days. Due to bank operations, the time may be longer. If you want to check quickly, it is recommended that the cardholder can submit a request to the issuing bank for "reverse inquiry to the acquiring bank".
  • If there is any problem with the acceptance of the returned product, the refund operation will be suspended, and the customer service staff will contact you proactively.