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Welcome to MSI Malaysia E-Store!
Get Free 8GB RAM with Purchase of GF63 Thin Series
Welcome to MSI Malaysia E-Store!
Get Free 8GB RAM with Purchase of GF63 Thin Series

Warranty Policy

1. Attention: Product Warranty and Country / Region of Purchase

MSI product warranty terms may differ for each region. Only MSI notebooks have international limited warranty – all other products are subject to regional limited warranty terms based on where the product was purchased. Please check with your retailer where the MSI product was purchased from to verify the applicable product warranty terms. Cross regional purchases through online stores and platforms (Eg. Amazon, Newegg, Lazada, Shopee, etc.) will be subject to the limited warranty term offered in the country or region where such online retailer processes the transaction.


2. MSI General Product Warranty Policy

The information provided on this website is for information only. MSI seeks to provide accurate and timely information, nevertheless, there may be inadvertent technical or factual inaccuracies and typographical errors, for which we apologize. We reserve the right to make changes and corrections at any time, without notice.


3. Product

In accordance with the original manufacturer's products serial number/barcode.

Accessories are warranted for 12 months, and the actual implementation is based on the local service policy


4. Limited Warranty

MSI’s warranty shall not apply, regardless of whether the Product is in-warranty, or out of warranty, in the following situations:


  • The Product is damaged by accident, abuse, catastrophe, improper use (including failure to heed instructions or warnings), improper maintenance, inadequate packaging, neglect, misuse, operator error;
  • The Product is damaged by external causes, including but not limited to, corrosion, falls, environmental factors (including temperature and humidity), power failure, faulty power supply, air conditioning, operator, data communications system failure or malfunction;
  • The Product is damaged due to alterations, changes, modifications, repair, or other services performed by a third party that is not authorized by MSI;
  • Product accessory, apparatus, attachment, or devices that are not originally bundled with the Product, or is not provided by MSI;
  • Damage to or loss of any data, program, or removable storage media;
  • Installation, relocation, or removal of Product or any accessories, apparatus, attachments or other devices;
  • Normal wear and tear, including without limitation, to a Product or Product accessory or part that is consumable or expendable;
  • A Product or part where you cannot provide the local warranty card, registration number, or purchase receipt issued by MSI Online Store, or where the serial number or label has been defaced or removed;
  • Product that is not purchased from the MSI Online Store, or was leased or loaned by a third party;
  • Damage caused by shipping carrier;
  • Hardware or software incompatibility issue(s);
  • Installation, removal, and set-up service charges.