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Welcome to MSI Malaysia E-Store!
Get Free 8GB RAM with Purchase of GF63 Thin Series
Welcome to MSI Malaysia E-Store!
Get Free 8GB RAM with Purchase of GF63 Thin Series


Q: Do I need to be a member before ordering?

A : Before purchasing products, you need to fill in the basic information and complete the MSI membership login, and then you can place an order for purchase.

Q: After the order is completed, I want to change the delivery address, how can I change it?

A: After the order is established and the payment is completed, and if you want to change the delivery address. Please contact our customer service for further assistance.

Q: How should I change the content or quantity of an order?

A: If you want to change the content or quantity of an order , Please contact our customer service and they will help you update the  information as needed.

Q: How to return the goods ?

A: During the 7 -day guarantee period from the completion of the order to the receipt order of the items , you can request returns and exchanges. Kindly contact our customer service.

Q: What is the terms and conditions of the return product?

A: You can read the terms and conditions at the "Return Policy" page.

Q: Product warranty period and how to guarantee, repair and other related issues?

A: Please log in and click Member Center or click on Warranty at the bottom of the page to enter the warranty inquiry system. In the menu on the left, please click "Product Registration" to complete your product registration.

Q: Will the shipment be notified? How can I check the shipment date?

A: After you complete the payment, it will be delivered to the designated address within 2-3 working days (excluding holidays). After the product is shipped, a "shipment notification email" will be sent. If the item was not delivered and received within this period, and you cannot be reached by us for more than three days, the company will cancel the order and refund the full amount. Delivery time: Monday to Friday, 10:30 am to 7:30 pm.

Q: When the courier delivery arrives, what should I do if I just can't pick up the package?

A: The courier delivery company will try to contact you. Please pay attention to whether there is a call from the freight company on your phone during the process, and contact the freight company personally for delivery matters.

Q: If there is a problem with my product, how do I contact customer service?

A: If there is any problem with the order or any other issues, please go to Contact Us page or clicking the WhatsApp chat button or our email icon to contact with our customer service, and we will reply to your question as soon as possible. 

Q: What are the available payment methods?

A: The MSI Online Store provides Visa/MasterCard debit/credit card issued in Malaysia, Internet Banking via FPX or iPay88 with an active and verified card.

Q: Have a problem with checking out or using a discount code?

A: If you are unable to checkout or use a discount code in the MSI online store, please use the incognito mode or private mode in the browser to make a purchase. You can also change your browser or clear your browser cookies before making a purchase. Or check with your bank to see if your payment method can be used properly.